Functional and Integrative Nutrition Registered Dietitian

Specializing in inflammatory, gastrointestinal and autoimmune conditions  to help you achieve optimal health 


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Worksite Wellness Nutrition Programs

Currently scheduling  Workplace Nutrition Programs for Fall 2018. Send a message on the contact page to find out how we could serve you. 

Success Stories

Who doesn't love a success story? Here are a few examples of real people who achieved results while working together and implementing nutrition and lifestyle interventions. 

CS lost 8 inches so far since working together with improved mobility and decreased pain.  JD lost 50 lbs and hormone levels normalized stumping her doctor when there were no longer thyroid antibodies, aka Hishimotos. HH was able to decrease blood sugar medication per his doctor's approval. These are only a few examples what individuals who followed nutrition and lifestyle interventions achieved while working together. Are you ready to start your health transformation? You could do it too!

Contact me to find out how we could work together. 

Disclaimer: These are actual people and their results. Results vary by person and this is not a claim to cure, diagnose, treat nor prevent any disease or condition. 

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