Nutritional Counseling

Most insurance companies cover face to face individual nutritional counseling as part of the benefit. Benefits vary based on contract. In-network with Independence Blue Cross, Highmark Blue Shield, Cigna and United Healthcare. Contact your human resource department or insurance company and ask whether you have the benefit for 97802 and 97803.  Also, remember to find out whether you have a copay, need to meet a deductible, have out -of-network benefits, need a referral, have any exclusions and whether your benefit is in a contract year or calendar year. 

Packages and al a carte services available for private pay. 

Virtual Sessions

No time to meet? We have that covered! Call or email to find out how we could offer support to reach your nutrition, health and wellness needs.  

Connect to telehealth (available for prepaid and scheduled appointments only.)

Packages and al a carte services available for private pay.

Mediated Release Testing and LEAP Protocol

Food sensitivities have increased and resulting in constant inflammation from the immune system being in overdrive. Did you know that the foods you eat everyday could be a trigger of your inflammation? For more information click here to learn more about Oxford  or

Biomedical Technologies, MRT and LEAP 

or scroll down the page to view a video.

Call or email for your 15- minute complementary consult to find out if this is for you. 

Micronutrient Testing

Innovative and individualized nutrient testing for deficiencies. Did you know that micronutrients are needed for adequate metabolism, enzymes and pathways in the body? Contact Us to find out whether this would be helpful for you. 

Corporate Wellness

Want healthier, happier and more productive employees? Trying to figure out how to contain your health insurance premiums, improve employee morale and retention? We can provide customized nutrition programs at the worksite: nutritional counseling in person and telehealth; engaging, fun, customized group programs, Healthy Vending Machine Makeovers, Wellness Committee Support and Consulting.  Offering your employees convenient nutrition programs at work will be a great strategy to add to your workplace to boost morale and your bottom line.  Packages available to bring nutrition and wellness to the work-site. Call or email to see how we could make this happen!

Best Food Sensitivity Test: MRT

Check out this great video explained by Susan Linke MBA, MS, RD, LD, CLT, CGP - Why the LEAP Protocol combined with the Mediator Release Test (MRT) is the best approach to battling food sensitivities, eliminating symptoms caused by inflammation, and resetting your immune system